Infynita Inc. with its Technology Partnership has come up with a simple and easy to use and yet powerful advanced planning, scheduling & optimization system (APSO). This system sits on top of its supply chain planning & optimization suite of products called Optimization Engine TM.
APSO systems are really power-packed systems with the enormous ability to deal with huge numbers. If used properly, they are a great tool to substantially cut businesses' operating costs and thus improve their bottom lines. Not only that, APSO systems also allows businesses to have clear visibility into their entire supply chain system, which is a very important factor for running today's fast paced businesses smoothly.
APSO for Mission Critical Tasks
APSO systems are basically used for planning, scheduling and optimizing your production and distribution & transportation processes. After starting to use APSO systems, businesses benefit a lot in specific or all areas of internal or external supply chain. APSO systems are effective in all industries.
APSO has been used to improve efficiency of inside or outside processes of any business. Some of the popular applications of APSO systems in mission critical tasks include production planning, material planning, logistics and transportation planning etc. But this is going to be used by more and more business partners in collaboration areas outside business boundaries in future.
Our APSO system is based on our years of research in many manufacturing and distribution industries. Some of the business benefits of using APSO systems include:
 APSO enables businesses to know when and how to fulfill orders to get the best efficiency.
 APSO makes the business flexible and thus helps in attaining the best optimization of material and resources.
 Massive operation cost savings.
 Customer service levels get improved.
 Reduction in production & distribution lead times
 Maximizing profits (Profitable-to-promise)
Some other benefits of APSO include:
 Reduction in scheduling cycle times,
 Increase in inventory turns
 Increase in customer responsiveness (ability to make changes in orders)
 Increase in flexibility to make cheaper alternatives

APSO system uses finite-capacity logic, basing workloads on more realistic assessments of work center capabilities. Moreover, the speed of APSO systems allows for frequent updates of production schedules to reflect the real-time status of plant operations. And they simultaneously balance multiple constraints, such as work center capacity and availability of materials and labor.

APSO system even takes into account such factors as "preferred" customer status in prioritizing schedules. APSO system allows a company to harness the advances in computer technology to give it an enormous business advantage. Whatever the driver is in a particular industry -- whether it is responsiveness to customers, shorter lead-times, or better on-time delivery -- APSO allows you to offer that. It allows you to merge the business goals of your company with your planning.
The ability of APSO system to facilitate frequent replanning is a major plus. A lot of problems in manufacturing stem from making the wrong thing at the wrong time -- and having to constantly shift production to handle hot orders. In the short term, manufacturers carry a lot of inventory just because their planners can't react fast enough. If they are doing weekly MRP runs, they have at least a one-week frozen [planning] horizon. And if they are working on a three-week fixed horizon, they need even more inventory to cover unexpected orders. With APSO system, you can replan every two hours -- which allows you to shorten that horizon.
By incorporating constraints, as well as business goals, in its optimization algorithms, APSO system typically allows for real-time plan and schedule creation, and also provide real-time decision support and the ability to determine "profitable-to-promise" capability in a real-time mode. Every company knows its actual profit performance But what they do not know is the gap between actual profits and total available profit [with a given asset base] is the lost profit opportunity.
Optimization Engine to your rescue:

Optimization EngineTM Infynita Inc. is a readymade tool for almost any industry's needs of advance production planning, scheduling & optimization. It can do scenario analysis, profitability analysis, product mix analysis, available to promise functionality and many more benefits.

We have solutions for
1. Automobile parts
2. Chemicals & paints
3. Food,
4. Textiles
5. Pharmaceuticals
6. CPG
7. Primary Metals
8. Packaging
9. Mills
Please contact us for more details.
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