Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is prominent issue within the IT industry and a great challenge to business managers who are required to produce return on investments much more quickly. A well planned EAI approach can be one of the most productive elements of all IT investments.
EAI is a longer term process and is the aggregation of your IT investments as needs evolve and new systems/applications are introduced.
Enterprise application integration (EAI) involves data collection, standardization and consolidation. It also requires relevant technologies such as warehouse, portal, wireless and web services applications as companies seek to become real time enterprises (RTE).
Effecting EAI is different in tenor than - say - software development where specifications are clear. EAI demands time to study organizations, their IT systems, business processes, managements' plans and objectives, etc and then a recommendation to what systems need to be integrated to achieve the efficiencies required.
Infynita's EAI Service & Process:
 Management Objectives
 System Study and Analysis
 Business Process Analysis
 Application Integration
 System Integration
 Web integration
 Data Integration
 Integration with existing legacy applications
 Plan Application Enhancements
case studies
 Data optimization for leading automobile filters
  Client is a well-known name in automobile filters worldwide. Data optimization was executed in one of the country specific subsidiary of client. It supplies automobile parts to well known automobile companies like Suzuki, Ford, Daewoo etc. worldwide.
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