Need for application migration
 Enormous Maintenance cost.
 Inflexibility to modify as per new market trends, Business Needs and End users requirements.
 Lacking Usability or User friendliness, causing application users to frustration and irritation.
 Difficult to get expertise.
Infynita Inc. application migration service
Infynita ensures that reliability and integrity of your application are maintained by using a structured approach to application migration. We are specialized in both Vertical and Horizontal migration services.
Infynita Vertical Migration Service:
If you are not sure of the risk and effort factors of total migration Thus migrating one module will give a good idea on the effort required to migrate other modules. In our vertical migration service we study and define a proper strategy of migrating specific modules with well-planned architecture.
Infynita Horizontal Migration Service:
If you are aware of risk and effort involved in total migration, Infynita provides a horizontal migration service to your whole application. Our horizontal migration service includes UI, All tiers, Architecture, Technology and Database migrations
We also handle training programs for users to smoothly transition to the new systems. With well-defined "train-the-trainer" programs, we ensure that your transition from one system to the other is smooth and cost effective.
case studies
 I Collaborator application migration from VB to .NET (C#)
  It is an application designed to allow organizations worldwide, secure, real time communications and voice/data exchange capability.
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