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 Offshore Outsourcing - One Size Does Not Fit All
Time and again, there have been stories suggesting the offshore model as taking away employment from the Americans in the current trying times. Indeed, instances of job losses are gut wrenching, but no matter the public sentiment, businesses must survive and compete, and will go to where the 'value proposition' is greater. In the last century we saw the annihilation of our manufacturing base as businesses moved manufacturing to places that offered lower costs and greater efficiency, yet we have continued to grow and remain the most powerful, most desirable and the most humane country in the world.

What started as a cost-cutting concept, offshore outsourcing has moved ahead and established itself as a successful business model by service providers rendering cost-effective and sophisticated, efficient and quality services. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), US-based companies will have triple their offshore outsourcing spending from $5.5 billion in 2000 to more than $17.6 billion in 2005! The offshore outsourcing trend has overcome all the barriers of political turmoil, language and culture difference. It is validated not by geography of your service provider, rather by industry-standard and quality of service together with decisive cost-advantage. But for quality and on-time delivery of offshore outsourcing services to a client, the offshore outsourcing service provider has been dependent on numerous delivery models that have evolved since the last one-decade. A few outsourcing delivery models are:

 Global Delivery Model
The distribution of activities across the various delivery models may vary from one project to another. This may be attributed to factors such as effort involved, level of interaction, cultural and time-zone differences. Certain offshore outsourcing projects like migration and re-engineering can be executed entirely at the offshore facility and provides superb savings, but others like enterprise application integration-related projects demand almost a cent per cent execution on onsite location.
A well planned outsourcing can help alleviate cost and time constraints; where a large portion of the work is to be executed offshore allocate appropriate managerial resources to oversee the project. The underlying need to outsource should not be based on cost alone, for we have witnessed spectacular failures. You must articulate your needs, select a supplier with the attitude and expertise and you will be on your way to hassle-free outsourcing!
Infynita Inc associates, partners and consultants are available to help determine what outsourcing approach best fits your particular needs. Please contact us for more information.
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