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2. Launch of I Collaborator, an enterprise grade messaging, conferencing & collaborative business solutions
 Date: 05-Mar-2007
 Infynita Inc., NY based incorporation had launched I Collaborator business solution in US to cater the secure communication, conferencing & collaboration needs of SME.
 I Collaborator is providing real time text & voice messaging, audio conferencing with whiteboard collaboration, real time document collaboration with work space. I Collaborator provide complete security and compliance needs of an enterprise with an option to integrate it with existing enterprise business solution.
 Mr. Hasan Khimjee, president of Infynita Inc. is quite positive about I Collaborator and states that:
 "I Collaborator will change the overall outlook of enterprise level communication, conferencing and collaboration. I Collaborator as cost effective business solution will be widely accepted by enterprise as their core communication, conferencing & collaborative solution."
 I Collaborator innovation is unique of it's own kind, critical communication channel, session transfer, contextual computing are few of the innovation which differentiate I Collaborator from other enterprise solutions. Please check this URL for all innovation of I Collaborator:
 I Collaborator provide unlimited period limited user's enterprise trial with all features & functionalities. Enterprise can use I Collaborator enterprise trail in their real working environment and get a real feel of secured & compliance messaging, conferencing, collaboration & workspace. I Collaborator enterprise trial can be downloaded from this URL:
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