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Textile and apparel retailing is a seasonal business. Therefore, to meet the variable demand manufacturers must build inventory and then draw them down as customer activity increases. Due to the unpredictable variation in the consumer-buying pattern, such excess inventory can’t be eliminated. However, when modern manufacturing techniques are applied to the increasing proportion of fashion goods, a leveling of seasonal inventories results.

Even though production for a particular purchase order is underway, consumers' buying patterns can change suddenly. For example: close to 40 % of men’s apparel is sold in the three months of June, November, and December, and half of that is bought in the holiday season. The purchase pattern for women’s wear is similar, but less pronounced. As another example, the seasonality of fleece goods can be extreme. There are also significant variations even within these overall buying patterns.

A manufacturer likes to update his production according to buying patterns. Retailers like to stock the styles, which follow the buying patterns of the consumer. Based on changes in purchase orders as requested by a retailer, a garment manufacturer has to immediately change his production schedule, reorder the fabric and accessories, and change the shipping and delivery dates. These changes directly affect the schedules of the fabric manufacturer.
Infynita Garment ERP Solution
Infynita garment ERP solution is the finest tool for managing your apparel enterprise. It is designed to work the way YOU work, it will link all phases of your business, letting you perform more efficiently, as a team. Communicate more effectively. Get products to market quicker with costing and specification tools. Improve customer satisfaction, by tracking client needs, order dates, deadlines and follow up.

Infynita Garment ERP solution comprise these modules:

 Enterprise Management
 Sales and Production
 Extensive Report and Analysis
 Simple UI with all usability considerations
 Industry Leading Performance
 Online virtual Showroom
 Bill of Materials (BOM)
 PO Repository
 On-line Pos
 Inventory and Warehouse Management
 Production Planning
 Production and Import Management
 Order Fulfillment & Procurement Monitoring
 Integration with QuickBooks Enterprise Financial Accounting
 Integration with EDI system
 Integration with FedEx system
 Extensive log maintenance
Logic/Business/Application layer
This layer implements the business logic of the applications. There're several sub-layers within the application layer.
Control Layer
This layer implements the business logic of the applications. There're several sub-layers within the application layer.
Business Object Layer
consists of objects that represent business entities, which always should be 100% independent of database used for data persistence.
Data Access Object (DAO)
Layer is the interface between the application tier and persistence tier. Besides the methods for "creating", "retrieving", "updating" and "removing" a business object from database, DAO objects implement other business-specific methods as well. Even with JDBC, DAO objects may not be 100% database independent.
Data layer
This is the layer that manages the persistence of application information.
Stored Procedures and Functions
are used to execute database server-side processes pertinent to data integrity. Business logic processes should be part of application layer in general, not part of data layer.
are better choice than tables for presenting data to applications. They offer some level of security and can be used as alias to hide physical structures of database tables.
Database Tables
are used primarily for storing data.
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