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In this cutthroat competitive world, where feasible advantage is the motto for success and where in communication has made the world a global village. Here we are talking about Enterprise IP BPX SOLUTION, which will give your business a new face all together.
Enterprise IP PBX solution will make your company look more professional and function more productively. It is a toll free and/or local number with multiple mailboxes and extensions, live call forwarding, music-on-hold,dial-by-name directory, and much more, just like the phone systems large corporations use. When callers dial your toll free number, they will get a customized greetings as an options to choose from, i.e. "Thank you for calling ABC company, dial 1 for sales, 2 for support..."
Given each employee their own extension either in PC or traditional telephone system, regardless their geographical location because each mailbox can forward callers to any local number(s). Give callers more information via the sub-menued marketing extensions. Receive voicemail and faxes via email as audio or picture attachments. The Enterprise IP PBX Solution will give your businesses a competitive advantage.
IP PBX Features & Functionalities
 Auto-Attendant/Main Greeting
 Unlimited Voicemail Storage
 Live Call Forwarding
 Live Extension Transfer
 Telephone Message Notification
 Pager Message Notification
 Virtual Calling Card
 Dynamic Operator Extension
 Detailed Online Billing
 Caller ID
 No Hardware/Software Required
 Conference Calling
 Dial-by-Name Directory
 Virtual Marketing Extensions
 Virtual Fax (Receive/Forward Faxes
 Web & Email Delivery
Infynita Competency
 Designing and execution of customized IP PBX solution as per your business functions or needs.
 Integration of customized IP PBX system with your existing PBX or legacy system.
 Integration of IP PBX solution with your existing business solutions.
 Cost effective VOIP and IP PBX business solution with less complexities.
Business Advantage:
 Centralized PBX system for offices places in multiple locations.
 Free calls within the same LAN or WAN, in spite of multiple office locations.
 Not an additional burden to manage separate VOIP network, existing network can also be utilized for complete VOIP solution.
 Employee on the go, no extra charges for employees giving calls through VPN for long distance calls through IP PBX.
 Real time conferencing with users connected to system either through PC (through soft phone), cell phone or PSTN phone lines.
 Higher returns of investment.
 Lower cost of support & maintenance.
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