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In a business environment where products and even operational efficiencies are commodities, winning companies are dominating their markets by providing and implementing unique and exceptional solutions and methods to provide with. These companies think out of the box and exploit high-impact strategies, innovations and best practices from outside their specific industry sectors and markets to get beyond other enterprises with respective industry and groups.
Infynita Competency
Infynita 3 Tier billing system is unique financial control environment regulating the relations between the service providers, traders, dealers and consumers within the framework of supplying services. Infynita 3 tier billing solution can be implemented in any enterprise where hierarchal billing is in action. 3-tier billing solution caters to small as well as large enterprises, which creates a robust billing system in place for each layer of billing cycle.
Advantage of 3-Tier Billing Solution:
 Complete control on end user’s billing, even through 2 tiers
 Allocation of funds by super administrator specific to each layer
 Distribution of funds specific to end-users with option to customize the billing plans
 Layer by layer billing in supply chain and distribution network
Integrity and Redundancy
It is designed with carrier grade customers in mind. As such, it scales to up many systems, down to a single all-in-one system.
Our Billing platform will allow you to sell advanced features and maintain high-availability, without the need to take on complex and daunting source code changes and configuration files.
Features & functionalities
3 Tier Billing solutions include the functionality needed by most small- to medium-sized enterprises (SME). It is also very efficient as a platform for small VOIP providers.
3 Tier Billing Solutions
  * This hierarchy can be extended depending upon the requirement of the enterprise.
User Interface
 Credit Control on outgoing calls
 Show Balance, Expenditure, Payments and number of Calls on each account
 Set warning balance for email when low credit on account
 View Numbers Dialed
 Dynamic International Rate Table (Each customer can have his own price list using Brands)
 Rate Table in Currency of choice
 Call Data Records including cost of each call and time based billing
 Edit account setup
Administrative Interface
 Show Balance, Expenditure, Payments and number of Calls on each account
 Call Data Records including cost and sales on each call
 For each brand define currency, billing Increment, mark-up and connection charges
 Flexible dynamic international rate table for each brand in any currency
 Audit Trail. Show IP, Port and User Agent for each call
 Define customer price lists for each Brand and Currency
 Integrated E-commerce module and web shop is available under GPL
 Manage Pre Paid and Post Paid customers. Full Credit control by User Account
 Define maximum concurrent calls on each Customer Account
3 tier billing solution in action
 VOIP Service Providers
 Data Center /Hosting Service Providers
 Small - Medium sized business
 Large enterprises with multiple offices
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